Eror with 3 acc in once

Hey. I get an error. In manager I made that bot should wait till 2 acc log in and than other should log in. Did I make something wrong? becouse in manager I made I think Right. For exemple 1 is online, than two try to “Log In”, but why third acc try log in also if I made this settings? and he reconect after 30s…

Manager start delay 5 seconds
It may be useful to increase up to 1 minute (60000 ms)

Another phbot might trying to login at backround
check on taskmanager or close-run Manager (if you are going to do this, remember to uncheck Terminate bots on exit)

It may be useful to select Gateway server as random (on phbot)

Also, Gateway Connection Issues

Although I did all these things and same problem sometimes happen to me

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