Create plugin phbot

Hi everybody.
I need to create a separate plusins ​​to do the operations that I want.
An example of this is When receiving an item that reaches a certain Level. Will return to town. Move the NPC again and Return to the original position and finish.
Where can I source tutorials??? And how can there be commands to create a complete Plugin.

you have to explain what are u trying to do looks like a rebirth scroll usage just asuming give us more details

The script that I need.
Character to Level 10. Use teleport charm. Move back the Doctor NPC. Get rewarded quests. Move the guard again and use teleport to the end point.
That’s all I need.

what is teleport charm is it return scroll?

Return bro

I will try to exploit this part. See it can be completed? If yes give me your contact we will talk more about it

ah ha. I need it to receive this reward. Almost it can just talk and finish.

Use the plugin or try xcontrol injection