Craptrap d3d9 aplication error

The sro.exe client, which is ignored by craptrap, closes by giving the error in the header. Please help.


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When does the D3D error occur? If your desktop is locked, the client will not be able to start.

it gives this error at a time when working. I close the error window, the craptrap reboots again after a while is giving error.

Can you show me a screenshot of the error?

I keep getting this error when I play cs:go while craptrap is running on the background. It has become frustrating, my game is being interrupted everytime a char tries to teleport. And it is not only that, since craptrap fails to function chars are getting disconnected every single time they try to teleport when I am playing cs:go

Run it inside a VM or pay for the CrapTrap server. I can’t make it not do that since it’s the game crashing.