Connection to the server has ended error

At this moment I am getting Connection to the server has ended error.
Anybody know why is that?

I am running 8 characters using phbot, using a proxy for every 2 characters, and set the manager to log in 2 accounts only at once.

I am using this setting for more than one month.

Any idea what is the issue?

Probably this.

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sometimes max gateway connection 1
as if a GM is flipping a switch when he get bored
best to set to 1 at a time
& temporarily ban is between 5~6hours … from the moment u STOP spamming “try to connect to server”
meaning open sro without bot & test
instead of with bot and by an “Opsie” ur bot spammed trying to reconnect to server & re-set ur penalty for that ban…

that option on top right

So, I can log in only one account at same time not two?

One per gateway.