Clientless then dc

Hello …
Phbot when I click on “start” I get clientless then I get DC from server

Which server?

Syntix … On vmware

I wrote the filter protection they use. VMs are not supported.

so … I can’t open on VMware :sob:
Need help in DAT please

Nothing I can do. I’m not going to bypass my own filter.

but i have seen topic dat somebody asks to work on vmware and it’s works with you

what’s wrong now ?

Is that the issue you’re having? You didn’t say. You have to use VMware Workstation 11 or earlier. Newer versions crash when you open the client.

yes i use vmware ver 15 and i got clientless then i get dc

Use version 11.

doesn’t work … can you see it with team viewer ?

No I cannot help you with that. You need VMware Workstation 11 or you can try VirtualBox.

kk i got it … and solved >>
now i have question
is there solution for dat Problem :
this application can’t run under virtual machine … on vps
do you have the tool that i can open it on vps to buy it ?

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