Running Phbot and sro into a virtual machine

Hello …

I tryed to get Virtualbox and install a win7 and a win10 to be able to install Silkroad and use phbot.
Unfortunatelly virtualbox is really instable and after lunching sro, in 4-5 minutes it crashes automatically, even tough i have installed virtualbox guest additions and dx11 sdk and all other stuff.
I also did enable 3d and 2d graphic … so all is in order

I tryed to install vmware workstation player… i did the same thing and the game won`t even lunch
when i lunch it i get the error NOT_REACHED bora\mks\hostops\DX11\DX11BlendStateCache.c:90

Anyone has any ideea on how to make it work ? will real appreciate it

The newer versions of VMware have issues with the Silkroad client. I found VMware Workstation 11 to work fine so maybe try that.

Thank you very much for your help. The error i encountered was definetly cuz of directx … i was running a vmware workstation 15 … so i guess i`ll try to run older versions … thank you alot

Which brand of GPU do you have? I haven’t had any problems with version 15 and an AMD card. I can’t remember if that issue only occurred on NVIDIA for me.

I have a ATI 5670 video card … but still the VM recognises its own video driver. What i want to say is that VM usually simulates video card and i dont know if they get you more then 128MB, anyway i doubt that is there a VM that can let you take actually how much MB of video memory you wish to spend. Like RAM or CPU … or for that matter if you have 2 video cards, maybe 1 you can give to the VM

i use vm 11.1.4
here u see my video setting , maybe it help u

can you give me some details regarding your VM ?

  1. so i see you only use 1 CPU and 2gb ram … how many instances can you run at a time … and if you do i assume you run them clientless
  2. What videocard do you have ?

i ask cuz i have a workstation from dell … ( and i`ve noticed that my CPU is running at 100% most of the time while bot is loading … i also need to say that i run about 2 partys on a 8gb ram/1Cpu VM all clientless … ) and i was wondering if my CPU staying 100% is cuz of the lack of video power …and the CPU is trying to compensate?

Only 1-2. @tete1990 is using it for CrapTrap and not for botting as far as I know.

So…what can be the advantage or running the bot chars on my pc and just use the vm for craptrap?

yes 1 CPU and 2gb ram is only for CrapTrap

for botting more chars u should try use 4 cpu
8gb ram is fine for 2 partys in clientless

if u use “xtrap local” on vm this could maybe the reason for cpu 100%

xtrap need many “video power” it called GPU
u can check the GPU usage in Process Manager

Ok …ty for recomandation …i will try :slight_smile: but still why is it convenient to run craptrap on a vm ? What can be the benefit of doing it ?

on most system run craptrap on a vm it reduce visual lag on ur main windows

u also can try run craptrap on ur main system and set the process craptrap.exe to 1 cpu and priority low (on some system this work not on all)

the best solution is buy the xtrap server from phbot its 4$ in month


This explains it… thank you v much

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I have a qnap and virtualization station is running on it. I use a win 10 vm for phBot and private silkroad server. The VM hast 4 Core and 8 GB RAM and drive is on NVMe with 60 GB.
Graphic card is a 1050 TI.

Can anyone please explain me what does craptrap is and how I can use it?

Thanks to all

You don’t need to worry about craptrap anymore, it’s no longer needed

Can you give me please a short intro for what it was?

It was used to bypass X-trap but X-trap isn’t a thing anymore