Client dont start after disconect...last time using PHBOT:(


Sometimes, after disconnect phbot dont start sro client. I get this 2 times/day and everything is destroyed.

After character auto-dc in town, the manager start PHbot.exe but dont launch the client, and all buttons are locked( Launch client, Start Bot, Stop Bot…etc)

I am not the only one in this situation(other 3 friends) so please try to make something. I am using lastest Manager version, but same problem had with old version too.

Thank you in advice

@Ryan can you help us?

Check your silkroad directory path from phbot.ini configuration settings file
iSROPath=C:/Program Files/Silkroad

Manager, Accounts, Edit tab
Start the Silkroad client
Make sure it is marked. note: only works if the screen isn’t locked

Manager, Accounts, Edit tab
Go clientless after entering the game
Make sure it is not marked

Manager, Options, Manager tab
Client starting and Disconnected
there may be an incorrect value
default values must be 120000

if you give more information someone will help
Phbot version, game server, current Manager configuration vs

It’s probably launching it but it won’t open. See if there’s some clients still running in memory. I have no idea why the client refuses to launch when that happens.

if you dont have any ideea…who should know? Shiva?:smiley:

I can’t fix game bugs that occur randomly. Did you see if clients were in memory?

1: Silkroad directory is good, because worked before
2:it doesn’t matter if screen is locked or no, because i get the same stupid error
3:no clientless
4:yes, the values is 120000
5: this is the screenshot with what is happening

and he stops here

no clients running, and as i said atm 4 friends have the same problem and i found alot in game reporting this problem.

Which server?

Kali, Hestia, Dementer

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Did you try testing as well?

yes, with test version…same problem. maybe you can log with TeamViewer and ckeck it?<3

restart pc might help if u closed and opened sro client many times

yes is the only solution, but is not the best option to restart pc every 8hours

So the client is starting but crashes instantly like I was saying earlier?

well then ur have alot of dcs for some reason or closing the client and opening

why dont u just bot with bots with clientless and use ur main as client?

its this same for me if i open and close client for 40 times at some piont it wont open again only restart pc is fixing it as far as i know

i am using 3 parties…can you image what will happen with 24clients+4 stallers?this is why we used manager.

thats why u have the option to go direct clientles dude

as you see in screenshot, he dont even launch client, and “launch client” is locked. even if i try open a phbot.exe, i cant start other client. And once a char get this error, after disconect all stop at this point