Bot stuck while lvling

Bot keeps getting stuck against a tree, trying to attack a mob on the other side.
i got collision detection turned on and navigate around obstacles too

Update your bot. It will walk in multiple directions to get around the tree.

It says there are no new updates available

What version are you on?


23.1.5 has this Significantly improved unstuck (requires collision detection)

Works, thanks =D

Nvm, still gets stuck.

didnt even back town cuz gear was broken
[20:22:14] Picked 965 gold

[20:22:15] Picked 970 gold

[20:22:16] Picked 700 gold

[20:22:17] Gained 20,139 experience and 91 SP experience

[20:22:22] Picked 911 gold

[21:27:25] Lost -2,200,700 experience

[21:27:25] You died by 6x Violent Inkaboot

[21:27:26] Dead: Waiting [999] minutes before returning to town

Turn on all the collision stuff like navigate around obstacles.

Yeah, already had that on with the old version, now still on

The new version will move around until it is able to get back to the training coordinates. It should be working perfectly. If it is not you should use a polygon instead.

It must be stuck
It’s a bot :smiley:

I’m having the same problems. Sometimes it gets stuck in a tree barrier. Is there a setting other than these settings?

Is it not moving at all when it’s near a tree?

is moving near the tree. but sometimes it stays plugged. He tries to move, but he doesn’t.

“He tries to move but doesn’t”, what does that mean?

such as

Can you put that on YouTube or paste it into the forum.

why ,video not opened ?

You have the actual navmesh data, right?