Bot stuck while lvling

Navmesh, I don’t use.

I downloaded it now. what does it do.

You need it for collision detection and unstuck to work.

I’il try three boats. navmesh how good I’ll try.

Next version will have even more improvements for that but also requires navmesh data.

Ryan Navmesh works fine. But there are some problems. Never had such a problem before using Nevmesh. char starts but remains pending.


This is another char.

Ryan can you help me :roll_eyes:

char is not caught in an obstacle. But it does not move even when auto-started. Can you help me ?

I’d need to test it with your config and character.

thank you for your answer.

problem persists. I reloaded the config file. I rebuilt Chari. the problem still continues. Is there any other adjustment we need to make after it is in the Navmesh phbot folder? Maybe something is wrong, I may be doing it.