Always disconnect in game (very high frequency)

as the topic, when i used the bot to activate the game , it always disconnect (on average, disconnection occurs every 5minutes) it is extremely affected customer game experience , please the staff must fix the bug. Thanks

Is it a Taiwan server digeam?

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thats right its Taiwan server digeam

I need an account. Can someone just make me one that I can use forever because I’m tired of not having one to test with.

So is there a solution?

If no one is going to send me an account then it will never be fixed.

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Secondary password:121212

I’m definitely not typing that account every time.

Edit: Clientless will NOT work. You must be logged in with the client otherwise you’ll disconnect after about 5 minutes.

Ryan, thank you sincerely, and solved the big trouble for Taiwanese players

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I have removed that download because all of the changes are in the latest testing version.

Now turn on the robot, will it definitely open the game screen ?!

Taiwan ’s official digeam is now actively searching for robots, and the following patterns will appear. So far, many people have been blocked accounts. Is there any way to unlock them? I believe that robot engineers should be more powerful than official digeam



Have you tried renaming the bot and changing its title?

The name of the robot cannot be changed. The official program now blocks all of our connections. You can use the account you gave above to log in to the game and see, you know1590607612451

May I ask which file to change

still the same1590608172542

You have not changed the title. It’s in phBot.ini.

still the same