2 accounts limited

why phbot 2 ACC limited ، Its so bad
i will change to another bot

“the maximum number of login attempts has been reached”

Its 3 not 2

i means 2 accounts

you mean maximum is 2 acc for 1 ip?

No there are no limits however you can only login 2 at a time maximum. If you have more you need proxies or wait for them to login.

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Is it possible that phbot modifies this error؟
I left Silk Road more than 5 years ago and I used phbot and opened more than 7 accounts and now I can’t (since I bought the bot a day ago)

It’s not an error. Joymax implemented that system. You need to use the different gateways in order to login 2 accounts or you can use SOCKS proxies for each account so that they can login simultaneously.

Can you help me how to use SOCKS proxies and violin?
I feel like I’ve wasted your time (I’m sorry)

You would need to search for a SOCKS proxy provider on Google and enter that info. Once you have the info for the proxy you can use the Manager and configure the accounts to use it.

Now I am understand
You mean I log in with only 2 accounts and when they are actually logged in to the game I log in 2 more …

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