xControl "USE"

Hi all. Well; to the aid of the xControl plugin and specifically the USE command. If it works on your server, write how you use it. Using the example (HP Recovery Potion (X-Large) is only a working option. It is the syntax that is important. My options
USE HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
USEHP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
USE HP,Recovery,Potion,(X-Large)
USE#HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
USE # HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
USE# HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
USE #HP Recovery Potion (X-Large)
NOT working (((how is it for you?
HP Recovery Potion

Try USE HP or USE HP Recovery.
Check if have space before the name, so u can try too USE HP

Doesn’t work( . If “USE” works on your server, write exactly how YOU WRITE on yours. It doesn’t matter what kind of turn or anything else.

I tested now, and worked. I used USE + name item ( i tested hp too)
U can ctrl c ctrl v using bot.
What server are u trying using this command? Work using others itens?

Official Russian server. So this is where the problem lies. Neither option works. We also checked on other private servers and it works there too

The way it works is simply looking getting item name and checking if you have an item that includes the item name you provide. So normally, if you write “HP Recovery” it should find the first item that includes “HP Recovery”. If it is not working on your server, you might have to configure “UseItem” function in plugin. Because packet codes might differ.