WTS (isro Thanatos) 1x jc account vip(gold) with 4x 131char’s = price 110$ (BankTransfer)


server: Thanatos (isro)

1account (jcplanet) VIP(Gold)

with 4x char’s lvl 131 in it

bow Hybrid(STR) 2str 1int each lvl
rogue full STR
sword Hybrid(INT) 1str 2int each lvl
warlock full INT

all naked
no items
no pets

selling for 110$(Final)

(bank transfer) steps:

  1. transfer money internationally
  2. wait around 5x bank work days … for the bank to approve & complete transfer
  3. after receiving money … will PM you with info’s & change account email to what u’ll want…

account SOLD