Wrong Primary Weapon

My character is getting drops that are the same weapon as I use as my primary weapon. I use a shield to buff and then switch back to spear. But I’ve noticed multiple times after the buff phBot selects a spear which isn’t my primary, just one found as a drop.

How can I stop this from happening as this causes the bot to stop and not move or attack and no error in the activity log, I then have to manually stop and start the bot.

Anything I can try to fix this?

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This problem is happening to me too @Ryan not only with this latest version it was the same with previous versions too.

I have the same problem @Ryan I broke my normal weapon 2 times so :face_with_thermometer: Must have an adjustment to not change the weapon in any way :cold_sweat: Boot wearing +0 weapon instead of +11 weapon :frowning:

Do you have that option turned on to change the weapon if it’s broken instead of returning?

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No it’s not ticked I got everything in control but couldn’t, many of our friends suffer from this issue

You set your weapons on the inventory tab, right?

Give this a try. If this does not work, I have another idea.


says the file does not exist :confused: I guess the problem is actually if the bow character is using a spear, if the bow comes, it uses the bow in the inventory.


I adjusted the weapons in the inventory but it still changes. Also checked the skills no bow skills but still change the spear. I do not understand anything about this job :smiley:

A video for you. Always takes back the bow no matter what I put on my hand

Sorry I can’t show it that way cause the spears are broken :slight_smile:

I know what’s happening I just don’t know what the cause is yet. Have you tried the version I posted above?

This video was made with what you posted

Did you set your weapons on the inventory tab?

As I mentioned here yes it does it even though I set it up :confused:

Can you send me your account and configs so I can find out exactly what’s going on?

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