Why phbot doesn`t use reverse return scroll to after buying items

why phbot doesn`t use reverse return scroll to training area after buying items

Check those two options

i dont select any one of them

try use a reverse return scroll after returning to town

when he back to town he use reverse scroll to back to town XD

then u got some settings wrong

what i should do?

If it’s the first time doing the town loop how is it supposed to know where the reverse teleport / death location will be?

i cant understand you ?

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It’s not going to use it because you didn’t die in the training area or you didn’t use a return scroll in the training area. That is the only way it will use it because otherwise you cannot know where you last returned from when the the bot was started.

i put trainig x y and use retrun scroll but when i back to town the bot starts to buy items and stop near teleprot

The bot has to use the return scroll.