Whats this based on?


this feature of emergency triggering by mobs number

is it based on
mobs attacking you?
mobs surrounding you?
mobs your attacking?(bow&xbow reach far mobs too)
cuz i see it trigger’s this skill without getting attacked by # of mobs i set to trigger on…

also is there a delay between
detecting mobs
getting skills rdy
triggering them
cuz i see sometimes it trigger’s it after mobs die…

Attacking you + you attacking.

can u fix it to be based on “attacking u” Only
i sometimes hit multiple mobs in 1hit
triggering emergency and losing time on clearing the area in a KS vs other players

is there a delay between detecting & triggering?

It’s only going to use emergency buffs when it’s calling the buff function. It can’t do it if it’s casting a skill to kill something.

as in stacking commands for the bot to Execute? that the delay part? np

about the “attacking you” Only … can u edit this
its not necessary to trigger it when hitting mobs that aren’t attacking u…