WeRule guild recruiting

Hi all, there is a new server opening soon named SailorRS(red sea) it’s the second release of a private server project called Sailor.
we are recruiting new players for WeRule guild, we are willing to have some fun and share expertise. the best part about this game that it uses ISRO-R system with a lv cap of (110/130) and NO BOTS, yes you read that right NO BOTS, only ISRO in-game basic MACRO with VIP shitty buff, and wheel system removed.
all the gorgeous PVP/PVE events of ISRO fully functioning
Survival Arena
Battle Arena
Battlefield of infinity
no custom made shitty dungeons only ISRO ones + only custom made Frozen tower dungeon.
the reason i posted this in ISRO section, cuz i was isro player looking for a reliable pserver with no lame over-edited stuff.
if you’re interested, feel free to join WeRule Discord.

SailorRS (110 cap) Grand opening date : 27.11.2020
open Beta:13.11.2020

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