Weapon switch bug

I think I found a weird bug.

My wiz/bard was standing at the training area holding his harp and unable to attack with wizard skills. I was getting the in-game message that I was using the wrong item. “You wear equipment which prohibits…”

The character had a staff in inventory and it was set as the primary weapon. The only attack skills were wizard attacks.

I think it was caused because:

  • I had the staff chosen as my primary weapon on a different profile
  • I switched to a different profile (this staff was no longer my primary weapon)
  • The bot sold the staff
  • I returned to town and bought the staff back from the store
  • I set the staff as my primary

At this point, he was still not attacking. I restarted the bot and everything is acting normal.

Maybe there’s an issue somewhere in there that you can track down with the information I’ve given. Let me know if you need any more info, but i think that’s everything

I can make it use the one from the existing profile. It would probably be best if you set the primary on each profile otherwise things like that may happen.

Yeah, right. But the point is that the bot isnt equipping the weapon to attack even though its in my inventory and recently set as my primary weapon.