Weapon DoGuildStorageStore

Hey guys,

To put it short, I have multiple farmers that share the same weapon.
That weapon is normally kept in the guild storage so each farmer can grab it and put it back at will.

However, I’m having trouble storing the weapon.

Script has DoGuildStorageStore and the weapon has Store Guild Yes in Pick filter.

Is there something I’m missing?

Thank you!

the bot bont have the GS in the default townscripts there are some scripts and how to do it
Town-scripts with Guild storage for all <3 / Faster Town-scripts <3 / walk ROC.MT via HT (ignore Samakant) <3 and i also uploaded some faster default townscripts without gs below it

I don’t need it in the default townscript, I made my own.

I want to deposit a specific weapon and it doesn’t work.

I think this is not possible cus the bot wont store/sell primary or secondary weapons.

I was thinking about the same thing.
But I did not mark is as primary or secondary - that’s the strange part.

I’ve also seen some threads where ppl would say the bot stores the weapon without them wanting to.

So i guess there must be a way

I managed to sort it out!

I picked up a random trash weapon and set that one to primary.

Once that was done, the real weapon was successfully stored.

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