Vip policy changed?

i dont see the differents…?
only that the ingame itemMail dont show in of my purchased silks
therefore its only buyable through the web browser…

is that the “VIP Membership Modification” change?
this note title is not suited for this change…
or is there something else?

They provided 2 broken english explanations, isnt it clear?

It just means that now only premium silk counts towards VIP. So if you spend 300 normal silk you wont get VIP.

but this was years like that in my server…

why ! is vip system different between each servers?
other than original isro & isro-r?
& fatigue time being between 5~8hours?

No they made normal silk count a year or two ago and now reverting back to only premium silk. Probably the paypal scammers.

will it use to be premium charge Only in palmyra at least…

based on me buying 1premium+locks once by normal silks
but no vip triggered…

there was a bug on premiumsilk. like you have 5 silk and 285 normal silk the game were taking 285 normal silk and give you tradable premium and make you vip


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