Using Phbot on Mac Sonoma with Vmware

I’m using phbot on mac sonoma software with vmware it’s working pretty well but it crashes alot and bot close itself maybe every hour or less i’ve tried the last version of testing phbot it didn’t even work when i press login it gives me not responding then close so i’ve tried the older version it works fine but i have this issue if someone can help me i’ll be thankful

If it’s not even opening then there is a bug in the x86 to arm translation layer that only VMware or Apple can fix. You could try Parallels with Windows 11 arm.

I’ve tried Parallels beofre and Vmware is more stable and smooth

@Pacc I use it on Ventura, but the issue is common. I figured out that low memory or CPU allocation causes it. You may try increasing resources or using the bot clientless.