Using HP/MP Grain, even tho its disabled

As the title says, my bots are using HP and MP Grains and they all have the option to use grains turned off. This stops happening if I disable using hp/mp, however I still want to use normal potions and store the grains as I use them with my main.

Any check on this? Can’t get any grains as my bots are using them.

Yes, both “Use HP/MP grains” and “Prefer HP/MP grains” are disabled on the bots.

On iSRO right? It never happened to me. Maybe updating database will fix it.

vSro. Bot Testing version 23.3.0.

Tested updating database, even deleting and creating it again, it didnt work.

EDIT: just tested latest stable version (16.2.6), and it still happens.

So that means they did some modifications on some items. Who knows what they did.

Hmm just checked and they didn’t change the name or the servername for Grains.

HP Recovery Grain (Small) - ITEM_ETC_HP_SPOTION_01
MP Recovery Grain (Small) - ITEM_ETC_MP_SPOTION_01

@Ryan can you check this?

There’s no way for it to use grains without you enabling the option to use them.

Wait a second. It is actually enabling the option for MP Grains itself everytime I restart the bot. This is crazy lol I’ll try to record a video.

Just sent a DM with the video. I couldn’t recreate it turning the Use MP Grains option itself, but it did before I started recording. However you can see it uses grains even tho its disabled on the bot. Same thing happens with HP ones.

Did you receive the DM @Ryan?

No idea. It’s been a week. I see nothing wrong with saving/loading the grain options so not sure why it would still use them. Is it possible the server added potions and certain grains are being detected as regular potions?

Server added vigors and stuff, yet these potions are still the same and have the same servername as always:

HP Recovery Grain (Small) - ITEM_ETC_HP_SPOTION_01
MP Recovery Grain (Small) - ITEM_ETC_MP_SPOTION_01

As you see in the video it uses it even when the option is off.