Upgrading Python

New versions of the bot (23.5.8 and up) will use Python 3.8.x. This means you must either manually download the new libraries or use the phBot Installer which will do everything for you.

  1. Close all instances of phBot.
  2. Download and install vcredist. This is required as this version of Python was compiled with a newer version of VC++.
  3. Download the new libraries.
  4. Open your phBot folder.
    • %LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs if you used the phBot Installer.
  5. Delete python34.dll as it is no longer needed.
  6. Delete these folders:
    • Plugins\python34
    • Plugins\__pycache__
  7. Extract the python38 libraries to your Plugins folder.
    • There should be nothing in the Plugins folder except python38 and your .py plugins you have chosen to use.
  8. Automatic updates should have installed the new python38.dll automatically but if not you can get it here: https://cdn.projecthax.com/plugins/python38.dll