Unsummon Pick Pet from Script

This has not been tested yet.

This plugin will allow you to unsummon a pick pet from any script. Simply add unsummon_pick_pet to your script.

from phBot import *
import struct

def unsummon_pick_pet(args):
	pets = get_pets()
	if pets:
		for k, v in pets.items():
			if v['type'] == 'pick':
				inject_joymax(0x7116, struct.pack('I', k), False)
				return 2
	return 0

log('[%s] Loaded' % __name__)
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thank you very much ryan itis work

last think can you make to me anthor plugin
to summon grap pick too please
thank to you vary much
I need it to summon grap pet in spicfic time and termanite in other time
thank you dear

hello Mr Ryan iam sorry for Disturbance can you make to me other plugin to summon grab pet please thanks to you dear

I want it beacuse when I make dotake from storge ihave clientless so l need that plugin to make the summon of pet after return scroll
thank you

@Ryan, how can I summon the pet, could you inform me?
Thank you for your help!

Just add unsummon_pick_pet to your script

Sorry, I miscalculated.
I added this unsummon option in xControl, but I couldn’t add the summon option, so I would like to know if @Ryan would pass the code to me; D

Well heres an example, the issue here is this would also summon fellows or anything with the words “Summon Scroll”. To keep it simple, If you want to make it for your specific pet name then replace this:

if 'Summon Scroll' in name:


if name == r"your pet item name":

This is also for isro so you may have to get xPackettool and check the packet if your not in isro.

def Summon():
	items = get_inventory()['items']
	for slot, item in enumerate(items):
		if item:
			name = item['name']
			if 'Summon Scroll' in name:
				p = struct.pack('B',slot) #Inventory Slot
				p += b'\xCD\x08' 
				log('Plugin: Using "'+name+'"')

	log(r'Plugin: You dont have any Summon Pets')

After president save this code as .py in the plugin file? will it be called from script? I don’t know in which folder and with what extension to save the above code. Capturing code with Xpackettool is no problem.


This isn’t a script common it’s just an example function that could be copied into xControl.

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Well you either dont have something in your inventory with the right name or you have copied it wrong. Again this is just an example that i did for a fellow, youll have to change the packet and name to fit your needs.

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Thx for u help bro! ;D

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