Trsro,isro,,,auto donate gulid GPpoint,,,plugins,,,,where is wrond? help

from phBot import *
import struct

def event_loop():
c = get_guild_data()
if c and c[‘GP’] > 0 and get_guild() != None:
log(‘Donating %d GP’ % c[‘GP’])
inject_joymax(0x7258, struct.pack(‘I’, c[‘GP’]), False)

log(’[%s] Loaded’ % name)

Isro and trsro have different donating systems. Check the packet that could be wrong

import phBot
import struct

Check if has SP to donate to the guild

def DonateGP(quantity=None):
# If quantity it’s not specified, donate all the SP
if quantity == None:
quantity = phBot.get_character_data()[‘sp’]
if quantity == 0:

phBot.inject_joymax(0x7258,struct.pack('I', quantity),False)

Donate by using conditions

def DonateGP_All():

Donate by using conditions

def DonateGP_50():

bunu plugings e at

Koşullara da if(EXP<%1){Python (DonateGP_50);}
gibi birsey yaz. ben bu şekilde kullanıyorum.

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like this

The code has no indentations, you need to copy and paste it correctly or it’s not going to load.

can upload u py ?/ bro

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