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Rsilkroad New answer Jop Help Me?

i am using this code

from phBot import *
import phBotChat
from time import sleep

# All chat messages received are sent to this function
def handle_chat(t, player, msg):
	if player:
		# System nickname
		if player == "BotCheck":
			# Question
			if "job exp" in msg.lower():
				# Answer
				character = get_character_data()
				reply = '0' if character['job_current_exp'] == 0 else str(int(character['job_current_exp'] * 100 / character['job_max_exp']))
				# Reply
				phBotChat.Private(player, reply)
				log('Plugin: Reply %s' % (reply))

log("Plugin: JobSecure successfully loaded.")


help me plase.

Use testing.

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what ?


I’m using the code in the link you’ve given testers deleted their shares.

You need the testing release for that to work.

i can’t see what you write

I linked to the thread not any post that matters.

phbot 23.0.5 Need this version?

I opened a new account because it reaches the daily message limit.

Yes that is testing.

Is there any other place I can reach you in case of error? I’m stuck here at the message limit.