- Turkish Official Silkroad


Hi everyone

We`ll start there a soon as it is on.
We would like you call all foreigner ppl to join our guild.

As we start @ TROYA server. We`ve very old members with enough experience.

you can join us on DISCORD

you can find our guild forum also HERE


What are we abbreviating this as? tSRO? trSRO?

tr is the convention.

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I think there used to be an official TSRO and it was Taiwanese.


To me, it’s simply GameGami. :blush:

Ryan it will be TRSRO , and we`ll need again like on DIGEAM you did a bot update :slight_smile:

It will be Turkish Official like Taiwan Official and i think it support only Turkish & Arabic language but no region block!

So everyone feel free to join. But Looking the game updates etc… Im sure well need a bot update

I’m just waiting for release.


Waiting for gamegami :slight_smile: after 2 days open beta.

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CLOSED BETA… not open beta lmao

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how to change language ? :smiley:

and i dk if other region can login , i just try now and when i press connect its give me one mesage in turky but i dont know what mean :smiley:

its on closed beta and if you dont have a beta key you cant login the game.

Up Up …

the gamegami only support for arabic and turkish