Town script

town script
without Guild Storage
starts from normal storage
then “selling” NPC process
then the rest
at Alexandria Thief side…

is there one?
anyone made it?

Search function?..

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but its not most of the time storage first ^^
most of them will go weap npc first

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i see when setting Constantinople as base
and start bot
to go training at mirror world
it teleport to samarkand >> hotan >> alex
walks to alex dock
teleports from there & go to the mirror world


this has nothing to do with the townscript this is a autowalk thing

how do i fix this?

It’s probably slightly closer that way.

just if you make a walk script

if i were out side the town ya
but the "loading towns & area thing … is what im avoiding

also @Chefkoch
the town script for alex thief side
it gets stuck in that buggy stairs at alex hunter side near storage…

for me its working
what townscript do you use with or without gs
WITHOUT try this pls you need both ( almost same script )
Alexandria Thief Area.txt (762 Bytes) v1.01
Alexandria Trader Hunter.txt (594 Bytes) v1.01

it gets stuck here

it could walk safe if it goes from here

lol ok i will make it more to the right on my server we dont have the stuck there it lags sometimes there but no real stuck
ok try them now
Alexandria Trader Hunter.txt (611 Bytes) Alexandria Thief Area.txt (780 Bytes)
a wrong use them :slight_smile:
Alexandria Thief Area.txt (780 Bytes) Alexandria Trader Hunter.txt (611 Bytes)

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i updated them now in the main post
@Ryan yan see thats why i need this “edit” think even after 1 month :slight_smile: :innocent: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

thx … it walks nice now

whats the differents between the

the normal & the marked “_r.text” one?

its for different type server …

nvm … its for palmyra(isro) server system alike
for those low lvl (1~70)
as there is a system for them
that give free items & pots at certain NPC’s…