Think I just got banned, Questions about phbot

Trying to set up phbot correctly.
Coming from sbot. There I just place the download into uniquely named folders, config a bot and launch it. max 2 in the queue at a time.
I came to phbot for the extra features and seemingly large number of bots that can be run. (I only want 16 chars, aka 2 full parties)

Just off the bat, I see two proxies (.127 and .21), does this limit me to 4 logged in chars right off the bat? Am I supposed to supply my own proxies to get more characters logged in?

I’ve had issues with Manager not reconnecting a character once it disconnects, so now I’ve created seperate folders for some characters. Waiting to test that, but I think launching a few chars got be banned. I saw no option for queueing, just launching 2 at a time. While I see now that we need to select from the proxies, that’s difficult for a bot to do, right? I’m AFK due to having a baby, so I already have something else to babysit. How can I get the bot to be more, independent of me?

Currently the gateway is denying me on the .127 and .21
My other clue is, that even after a reboot, the silkroad client tells me the connection has ended.

Advise, pretty screenshots, step by step, phbot for dummies, anything is helpful for this newb parent. :slight_smile:

The .127 and .21 are the gateway servers not proxies. You can still only have 2 in queue at once regardless if the chars are on seperate gateways.

Please dont make seperate folders for chars that will just break your manager.

In your manager, go to options and set “start up to 2 accounts at once”. This will only open 2 bots at once and when the chars enter the game it will open another 2 etc…

If your having issues with the manager not reconnecting, make sure the chars are started (green) and make sure your disconnect settings are ok in the manager. I would recommend start delay = 5000, disconnect delay = 40000 (means it will take 40 seconds to close the bot when you dc) and not in game should be 0.

If you want proxies you will have to buy them from a supplier.


Thanks for the response. What exactly will the proxies provide me or allow me to do?

They allow you to login more than 1 account at a time per gateway. That’s all.

@Ryan, thanks a lot for the information