The user is already connected error

Account does not want to log in and keeps saying the user isalready connected


I have the same on some accounts, joymax fucked something in the last update.


same to me . in case i try trun off pc 2 day and off internet then try relog again still like that …Have some one can help me => what can i do?

contact joymax, they need to reset the trash servers probably

i already do it , but only me is not working . hope can get more then ppl do that will fine.

Same problem here… damn

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same here.

Our wonderful support

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did i put wory way ? casue i write it 9 times still show in proceeding .

No they are uselss, youll likely have to wait for a server restart

I can finally log all my accounts after 4 days, their support looks worst than before. Just keep insisting until they fix yours.

have the same issue on 1 acc since a week ago

i do not why still have these already logged in message again and silkroad support get unhappy with these messa: 屏幕截图(24)
ge Ryan can you helping me ?

It’s not caused by the bot.

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