Testing Suggestions

Hi @Ryan,

  I'll make suggestions for the pHBot Testing version, and I'd be happy to consider it.
  • Ability to make individual arrangements for conditions (ability to close conditions such as EXP, SP etc.)

  • Titan, Unique, etc. special zerk tube to use monsters.

  • Titan, Unique, etc. special monsters Socket, Strength, Intelligence, Hit, Dodging and Trigger, etc. can be used.

  • For Titan monsters, automatically select nearby titan mobs.

  • Ability to prioritize monsters (Titan +1 Unique +2 Giant Party +3 …)

  • Display a dialog box with the time the item arrives at the inventory.


We ask that these suggestions be added @Ryan

Is it possible to add these features? @Ryan

I don’t think any of those are that useful except being able to use certain scrolls when certain monsters are being attacked.

It will be very useful. For this reason we eat ks in slots. If you add these features, we will be pleased as bSilkroad players.


Let me know your char and botchar’s name. If I like you I can help :smiley:

botchar names?

Oyundan pm at oradan konuşalım.

Update please

hello, can you make an arrangement for us to follow the coordinates of the script that we created from the Script editing section? Holy Water, could it be easier to prepare a script for FGW?

for example, where the bot is located, the coordinates can be colored. In this way, we can easily edit where we need to edit. Can you help me. Ryan


Can someone answer?

Not going to add the script line tracking.

will my suggestions be added?

Probably not because it adds unnecessary complexity.

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Unlike I don’t think it would make a complexity it would be more useful. We would like to continue using Phbot.

use and not use. We also want to diversify the capabilities of the conditions tab. (Papers, etc.) @Ryan

@Ryan #UPP


Titan and unique monster special, Strength, Intelligence, Hit, Dodging, Trigger Scroll, Cold Ice Flakes, Very Cold Ice Flakes, Frozen Ice Flakes, Zerk Potion use and drinking features are added to the attacks part.

  • Select nearby uniques feature does not work needs to be fixed.
  • Adding select nearby titans feature

Thank you,