Teleport skill


the teleport skill

its not spamming it
when ever its rdy
even though some mobs require a bit of walk

is the bot programmed to trigger it if certain distance from the target is reached?

can u make it spamm it regardless … for melee attackers or short range hits…

Nice one, up!

The minimum distance it will use it is 15 and has not changed.

will it use to be insta use no matter what range is it
even if the monster is near it xD
and was way fast

would u like a character with its config
to run & watch it for 2~3minutes
& see how less often it triggers the teleport?

ohh ya
& it catch a way far monster & walks to it to get to its hit range
meaning monsters 15+ steps away & still didnt trigger it

does “prefered monster’s” effect/pass teleportation?

As a bowman I wouldn’t be happy if its teleport next to monster instead of keeping distance. On the other hand it would be good to me to be able to increase 15 meter to 30-40 meter. At the moment I can’t use it as it teleport close to monster instead of just close the gap to hit the monster from 20 meter as a bowman.
I think the ultimate solution would be to be able to set manually the minimum distance so it would be fit to long range / medium / short range characters as well.


yes please

come on @Ryan
add this option…


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