Teleport skill use & attack speed

after the last 1~2 updates
the bot became … somewhat boring or slow in select/attack
this skill
it trigger’s it way less than before this last updates
it use to dominate
now its pity

maybe since v25.1.5

There’s no difference in how it gets used. Could be lag or you changed some settings.

maybe try the new latency featured added in the latest release to see if it will help with the lag.

do i need to close all bots upon this edit

No. The open bots will not have any changes.

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So, to paraphrase what Ryan meant, you don’t need to close the bot to modify the file but in other, for it to take effect, it is recommended that you restart your bot.

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im sry
but u tweaked something that messed how fast & spammy to trigger a teleportation skill

it went soo rarely using it
even though no lag
& same settings as before
same settings as the settings i sent ya
if you would like to test it … & watch how often it triggers it
wont take ya 2mins of monitoring…

the attackings and selecting are fast ya

but the priority of triggering teleportation went slow
as if there is a timer
instead of WHEN RDY as it use to be…
monsters aren’t far enough for it to trigger teleportation…

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