System on 2 drives

my windows is on Drive C
my game is on Drive D
when running the game from Drive D (silkroad) with or without phbot
does it do any writing on drive C?
asking cuz my C is an SSD card
and as u know SSD card age by writing…
so does it write?
if yes … is it equal/same as if the game was in Drive C? same as windows?
im not talking about game/bot updates…
just normal running
or does it keep the writing on the RAM cards?

You’re being paranoid about something that doesn’t matter. You can write hundreds of gigabytes per day and it will still last 10 years. I have an old drive from 2011 that still works fine and I abused the crap out of it.

is it a 110GB SSD? or bigger? cuz the bigger … the MORE in percentage it will take abuse
like an old sadist…

any harm in COPY PASTE sro folder from a Sub Drive … to the main drive©?
or should i uninstall & reinstall?

Yes, a really old 120 GB drive. They’re extremely cheap now. You can put it anywhere you want and it’ll work.

and about copy & paste the game folder?
cuz when i moved the game from C to D
the game map/teleport downloading became slow…
even though both are SSD