Switching weapons

1- im collecting 13dg bows as a drop and my main bow is 15dg, after long hours i checked my bot and see that the bot wear 13dg bow and attacking with it :slight_smile: I commend that collect 13dg bows and store them but bot used it :slight_smile: How can i fix this problem?

2-I put my weapon in my skillbar’s first slot F1, and my other weapons in F2, and sometimes my bot changing my f1’s weapons with f2 weapons :slight_smile: How can i make stop this.

I wish i could make you understand my problems. Thanks <3

You may check this one by accidentally?


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TY for your reply but this happens all my chars and i checked that option non of them checked. So problem has not solved yet :slight_smile:

You should probably set your primary weapon.

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