Support attack option

this option protect pt member from monsters attacking it:

would like an option to ATTACK same ass [“playername”]'s target…

i just had 3GiantParty & 1Giant & few mobs around…
our pt members:
*each attacking different target
*& cuz of the 'protect…" option was triggered … they kept jumping from monster to another … before finishing the one before … as in “protecting a pt member”…

felt like :

Hover the line edit on the right. It will let you specify a name to do that.

it attacks monsters
that are ATTACKING the Player (defensive stand)
& not
that the PLAYER is Attacking (offensive/supportive stand)

or did you mean something else or was it bad description?

same as this:

same descriptions…
& in general whats the point if they do the same

if thats the option
the the name ADDED is not attacking or being attacked or how ever this function works…
the DEFENDER does not attack as will
helping other pt members…

i mean if that attacker/leader/name-added … returned to base … that would stack up monsters & kill us …
cuz the ptmember/support hands arent doing sh1t…


this option isn’t always working

it sometimes acts as if the NAMED player isn’t attacking anything
even though the NAMED one it doing jotitsu stuff to the monsters

since its function to NOT ATTACK if the NAMED-one is not attacking…

its not detecting the leader always…