make manager when i delete acc require yes or no when i press yes it asks for manager pw
, i think it will be very good if you make manager shows to us Login Queue near state show us the number like ( LQ: 280/290 ) , make option to control the acc number to open

I have added the login queue for the next update.

can you add option to the manager to can control the chars who will login 1st ?

u can add in order in your list like this :
1xxx your first char
3xxxx etc etc
add the 1 , 2 , 3 etc etc at your name off list in group manager ( in the left by 2x clik on the name char you want change the priority )
and you’r char wil be log in the order


yea yea i know this but i want manager make it :slight_smile: , and when i delete any thing from manager it must be require yes or no + password

i have 10 parties and i want all bards open 1st and all cleric open 2sc evry party in 1 groub how i can do it , this option is so important

Put a number in front.