[Suggestion] Some suggestions about Trace player

When tracing ;

  • not adding auto str/int stats
  • not calculating statistics in statistics page
    These should be added to bot
    and also it should have an option to trace distance
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Uppp?? @Ryan

Str/int eklenmesin, statistik penceresi de güncellenmesin mi istiyorsun ?

Türkçe yasak kardeş.

Now that we broke the rule, you should have wasted the chance for replying my question :sweat_smile:

i edited the main post to clarify my intention :wink:

I had asked to be sure, so as for first one you simply have to disable this part. Anything other than that would be extra work for both Ryan and for users, since you will have to click another button anyway.

Hope it helps.

you missunderstood to question my friend. i wrote that; bot is not doing this and this during trace, i want it to do. i dont want to disable them if i need to be more specific. i want to auto add str/int while tracing. is it ok now ?


I can add those for trace.

is this includes trace distance? :slight_smile: that could be best of them :smiley:

I could add the game trace which automatically stays further away but not a specific distance. There’s a plugin that exists to do that though.

games trace would be enough if it still continues trace after died vs vs.
i know that plugin, but it wont work with the bot’s trace or start bot. because i need to use attack, buffs also while tracing