Sudden and sporiadic phbot high cpu usage

every hour or two I get sudden high cpu usage, that lasts for about 30 secs, before returning back to normal.

usually this happens during botting, most of which are running clientlessly, is there any way to avoid it?

my phbot version is 27.5.3
my cpu is i9 7890xe
I have collision detection off, bots pick only by pet (and they only pick elixirs and gold)
my OS is win 10 and i have gaming mode turned off

Is there perhaps any setting I can turn on/off that could stop this from happening?

You can see here that the cpu usage is currently low, which is normal … suddenly this bounces up to 4-5% per bot ( with 50 bots on this results in total freeze for about 15-30 secs).

Hard to say what the cause is since normally I would suspect collision data loading or a path being created.

Probably unlikely but maybe a plugin?

It has crossed my mind, so I have tested it now and unfortunately the problem is still there.

(Tested phbot with no plugins at all)

With this information, it is hard to detect the problem. But maybe we can narrow it down. You said “every hour or so”. Can you write the time down whenever it happens and see if there is a pattern. If it is happening every hour for example, there is probably a “leak” issue. The other reason might be some kind of background job. But with the information you provided, it is hard to detect the problem.

well, idk what more information could be relevent.

the bots i have are not returning to town, they are botting in the exact same place, with no obstacles and no collision detection on anyway.

However the problem seems regular enough and lasts for approximately the same duration somewhere between 20 and 30 secs. in which i cannot really do anything as cpu reaches 100 due to every bot taking 2~4%. (normally with my cpu the bots are at around 0.1~0.2%)

could it be that the bot is checking for authentication at these time intervals?

anyway i will try to document exactly when the freezes happen

You should also make sure the notifications are turned off so it’s not logging anything to the database.

Sometimes I am also having this issue. Suddenly, either manager or phbot (sometimes bot) freezes out of nowhere. When I try to move phBot, it freezes for 10-15 secs and goes back to normal and it happens again. But this happens to me rarely. Whenever this happens, I just close phBot and Manager and relaunch them. No idea about the solution though. I am willing to share any kind of information if you need to debug it @Ryan