Stay online at certain time

is there a plugin for
“login” & “keep char logged in” & “logout”
or can someone make it?

Used for?

ofc not for drugs related stuff xD

i mean
so i can open 4bots/chars on 1account
*login the first time manually soo id&pw&2pw can be registered…
*then set each bot to be on login/start mod
from time ##:## to time ##:## PC time in 24h format
& relogin if DC … as long as its between the time i set to stay logged in

  • & when that expired time reached it will logoff but keeps the bot window running
    *& the next bot with its fixed/set time runs & login normal without problems

any plan’s on making such a plugin ? or feature in phbot or manager?
u know
login in for 7:57~8h
or should i say
staying logoff for +12h
give ya a 6~8h buff of 100% XP rate
as if its a premium running
thats amazing if you dont wanna charge VIP in ALL ur ACCOUNTS
& multiple accounts with multiple “full pimped set”
just cuz u wanna PWN noobs slayers xD (revange)

any plugin programer Expert can make this function?

Why you dont try ist on your own?
Also This will Not work when you Use Manager

i tried understanding programing
i got blue screen xD
also if its a plugin & plugged into the phtesting … wont need manager
also i really dont need manager
also why wont work with manager?
manager can run even when my win is locked
can u help doing it?

Because there is no API between Manager and Plugin Interface so it hasn´t an affect.
You have to learn Python and also read the indroduction.
Ryan made the Plugin area because he hasn´t time to write all Plugins and gives the user the opportunity to be creative

So you have the opportunity to learn it yourself or to accept the bot as it is

thx for the info’s
im still gonna ask
any plugin programer expert could do such a plugin plz

some one do this plugin plz
i’ll pay for it

+1 anyone?