Starting goldbotfarm

Hi @Ryan and community! I would like to know if there’s an efficient way to set the exact same configuration for 50 characters. For example, let’s say I just set up my wiz/cleric’s bot profile and I want to save all the configs and use it for all my other wiz/cleric characters, what’s the best to do it?

Make your final configuration and use this

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Ty! Any idea why cpu usage is a bit high compared to other bots? I used to run 30 clientless bots with my old setup (Intel pentium e5800/ 4 gb ddr3+ other bot) and cpu usage was like 10-25%, now I’m running 30 clientless bots with my new setup (intel core i5 6500/8gb ddr4 + phbot) and for the first 10 minutes cpu usage goes up to 95% then drops down to 15-35% after some time.

This is totally usual that your program needs more CUP usage at the startup. This might be a little higher for PhBot than it is for e.g. Sbot, because if you already noticed with SBot you need a unique Folder for every Bot you want to start. With PhBot you just need one. But in exchange for this to work there might be more backround work to be done by PhBot (e.g. reserving more (diffrent) main memory areas + buffering all the data in there, this results to more stack writing therefore your CPU might be more bussy). This is just a short example, there could be tons of other reasons why it is that way, including the way the code is written itself.
But this should not be a problem to you as long as it works + stabelizes after a certain time.