Stall/filter problems

Hey ryan im working on my stalls at the moment but somehow when i enter quantity/stall or consigment and price for few chars it dont work and the bot stop in like 30 seconds , other char or items works perfectly fine , any suggestions where to look ? Thanks

I checked some things and i noticed i have few full stack x20 and some not full like 5 or 6 and after i get rid of the low quantity stack it work again, can you look into this , i dont want loss of the lower quantity’s

It’s supposed to combine all your items then split them depending on your quantity.

Yes i know but lets say i have 35 weapon enchancers in my inventory and i want sell in 20 quantity i dont work, when i set to 5 or 10 it work after bot split but when i try in 20 stack it only work when not have more then 20 or equal stack like 3x 20 piece work but when i take 61 total in inventory it dont stall. I will check something out again cuz with stones i dont have this problem only woth enhancers.