Sror system force nuker issue

Hello, does anyone know why the bot attacks either extremely slowly or not at all if you set out the force debuffs (division), as well as nukes for gp’s. It’s with the sror system “recovery” nuker.

same thread here maybe can help you

Thanks for the help but its not similar to this. For instance if I set division debuff from force to GP then nukes it will only do the division or wait at least 10 seconds before using the nukes, it seems to be only for the recovery force nuker, but it’s not that big deal I just wont use the debuffs I guess.

i need test on my nuker force i will reply when i got free time on the week =)

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i try on my nuker 95 =)
i seting it like that
after i try with specifik mob
working too without delay
somthing is wrong maybe on you’r seting ?

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Weird, I have the same but let me try again now. Thanks for trying. Edit, tested again it only uses the debuff, no nukes and as soon as I remove the buff from list it starts attacking with nukes again, really strange. But it’s ok. Thanks a lot for the help mate.

on wish server you play ?
do you use the testing version ?