Sro starting then closing

I just got the bot for the first time it is my first Sro bot.

Upon clicking launch client sro starts to load I can see it in task manager but then it hangs and closes after about 5-10seconds. The game works fine when I boot it without manually without phBot.

did all that is not working same problem sro does not start

mark the “Client”
& mark or unmark the JCP (if you have or dont have a JCP account … meaning id is an email)

still crashing. I get this and then it closes

You’re IP banned which is why it’s not starting.

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if the ip is banned
he wont be able to open the client too…right?

if thats the case
login at same time max count = 2x

& banneds sometimes are 6hour long till its removed

u could also contact silkroad support & ask wzzup

I play silkroad all day normally I’m not banned

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