Spawn more pandora's box Plugin :D

If u need spawn more pandora’s box on ur spawn just use that simple plugin.
U can have only pandora in inventory! don’t use it with MS


That how u need set ur conditions for it
Also there is line where u set ur radius for this

from phBot import *

pandorabox=2 #How many pandora's u need spawn?

def pandora():
	p = get_position()
	tp = get_training_area()
	distance = round(GetDistance(p['x'], p['y'], tp['x'], tp['y']), 2)

	if distance < 30:
		k = get_monsters()
		p = 0
		for key in k:
			if k[key]['name'] == "Pandora's Box":
				p = p + 1
		if p < pandorabox:
			return True
	return False

def GetDistance(ax, ay, bx, by):
	return ((bx - ax) ** 2 + (by - ay) ** 2) ** 0.5

log('Spawn more pandora plugin Load!')

its not work for me can you help me please ?