Some issue with storage and repair hammer

I understood that sometimes it doesnt put all the stones in the storage that are in the 3rd page i dont know why, i had put all of them and checked many times in the pick up filter to store them, i updated in the city and with the bot stopped as required. and another issue is i put the option to use repair hammer and in return i unticked the option to go back to city for weapon durability and still didnt use even one.

Third page of what? Set your weapons on the inventory tab.

Third page of inventory, it just put sometimes 1st and 2nd. What do you mean Set? As i said i unticked the option to return city for weapon durability and in training area settings to use repair hammer. in the inventory tab for the weapon i can just see options to Set primary or secondary unequip and reset, not anythyng else. or that means that i should do it by hand and the bot doesnt do it?

Take a look there is the proof of what i say, after went to the store, and store most of them except the third page of inventory, then i use the bot return scroll and it went again and it was all right. but about the hammer i dont know, sorry if maybe i take your time for no reason and its my mistake but i try and checked everything good in the pick filter.

you need to set it in order for bot to know what dura he should check @iAlejandro

As i remember i set it, i will take a look, thanks by the way… still waiting for an answer

UPDATE: I took all this evening checking what was going on, it looks like the problem is when it take the items from the grab pet to the inventorry then to the store, because this problem is just happening to the chars that have grab pet. the other ones have no problem.

I really need help in this subject it doesnt works well at storing the items in the storage

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Thanks Ryan, it solve.

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