Solution to Dynamic Opcode

Hello all,

Auto buy and sell trade items are forbidden in the server that I’m playing. I’ve seen that the opcode for buy command changes every time you teleport. To overcome that, I need to understand how they handle such a dynamic opcode change. Then I would look for whether I can solve the algorithm by reverse engineering or not. Here are my thoughts so far:

1-) It should be related with the data of the opcode “0x3020” since it comes from the server giving you a unique ID every time you teleport.

2-) There must be some kind of opcode list. Otherwise, creating random opcodes may coincide with other used opcodes.

3-) It takes one of the opcodes from the list and the index of the opcode is determined by the data taken from “0x3020”.

I may completely wrong about my thoughts. What I need to understand most is that how they handle dynamic opcode since I’ve never worked on them before.

It’s not about developing an auto trade plugin anymore. I just want to beat it… Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I think the same thing and I don’t know how we can solve it, believe me, but we need to solve it as soon as possible.