Solution for 24 Block

What if you made new option to start account by another in queue
that’s mean when i open first account and be in queue, then the manger start open the second account, and when the second account be in queue the manger start to open third account, etc etc

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Thats not going to solve the 24 hour block… you get blocked when the server queue is full and you try to login too many times. The only way to stop the block is to stop trying to login.

Are you sure, we Got Blocked cause server is already full and we still try?!!
Cause i can get standby list msg in +10 charcs at same time many times!
Please try to put new Option in manger (Queue One by One) and Lets see
Thank you for your understanding

Im 100% sure yes, it could take 80 tries before you get banned though… im not sure the exact amount or if its random

The number of login queue attempts is 100, if the account cannot enter the queue in 100 attempts, the account will be blocked for 24 hours. If it makes 10 more attempts in a blocked way, this time the IP address will be blocked

There is a plugin I have developed for this, it is not 100% efficient, but it prevents 90% account and ip address from being blocked.

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