Socks5 Vs Socks4 and what is the best site to buy

am new to Phbot , i have the same issue of logging more than 2 chars a time , got banned also foir doing so . but now is ok. my question is which is better proxies socks 4 or 5 . also i subscribed to 3 services and after getting the proxies from the provider it turns out to be http proxies . does anyone knows trustworthy site to buy from ? thanks in advance

You have a coupon?

use my link,

coupon code is CUDEALS15

Tks Bro ^^

you’re welcome

ive bought from their site , but the proxies seem to disconnect a lot , at least twice a day . which proxies do you buy and which location?

i bought usa proxy 5.
never had problem, u can contact them ,
bottom left , always chat pop up. talk to him n ask him to give u a new one.

can tell me how it work fine with you i buy it now and not working all 8 proxy idon’t know why i write Ip and Socket 5 and user name and pw proxy but not he connection to silkroad idk can help me for that

send me a private message, maybe i can try to help you through teamviewer?

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