Silkroad VPS

Hi, I’m playing on this private server and there’s a PC limit and I thought of using VPS (its allowed in the server) as a second PC to run my other characters, but it seems that the server is counting the number of clients from my VPS and personal PC as one and I’m just wondering if this is how silkroad PC limit really works? the IP, Mac Address, and HWID of both devices are different so I don’t see why it counts it as one and stops me from running more clients. Any help is appreciated! Thanks

use clientless mode

Still doesn’t work. I talked to the owner and it seems like the VPS has the same HWID as my primary PC which doesnt make sense since its a server hosted somewhere across the continent.

Your modem has a HFC MAC Address and your network card has a MAC Address. Some network interface cards will let to set using a random hardware address.

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